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LANAP® Laser Treatment in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY

LANAP Laser Treatment Brooklyn, NYDr. Michael Plotno is a periodontist in Brooklyn and Staten Island who is trained to work with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). When working with LANAP® laser gum surgery, a certified dentist in Brooklyn can treat periodontal disease in a way that is less invasive and provides a more pleasant experience for the patient. Millions of Americans are affected every year by gum disease, yet only a few actually seek treatment. This is because the idea of gum surgery brings with it many negative associations such as pain and discomfort. However, laser gum surgery is not painful and results in a very minimal amount of bleeding.

The reason that laser gum surgery is able to minimize pain and discomfort is because it does not rely on a scalpel to remove tissue. Instead, a laser is used to selectively remove only the diseased portions of the tissue while leaving the healthy portions unharmed. In fact, it is extremely rare for patients to require pain medication after laser gum surgery. In some cases, LANAP® can actually reverse the effects of gum disease by promoting bone and tissue regeneration. This means that laser gum surgery can save teeth that would have otherwise needed to be taken out. If saving teeth and improving your periodontal health is important to you, laser gum surgery is something you must consider.

LANAP® is the first laser gum surgery to be cleared by the FDA. Its effectiveness has been proven through years of extensive research and scholarship. It is widely seen as the highest standard of care available on today’s market. The success of LANAP® laser gum surgery can be attributed to the PerioLase® MVP-7™. This is a highly intelligent form of laser technology that can distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue. In fact, it is the only laser with the science and research to back its claims. Dr. Plotno is a highly trained periodontist in Brooklyn and Staten Island that is certified to operate this laser.

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